2009 English Assessment


The Maryland State Department of Education has created mini-assessments for the public release forms of the high school assessments that have been placed online. These assessments will enable teachers and students to better understand how the English HSA measures the English Core Learning Goals (CLG) at the indicator level.

In May 2009, BCRs and ECRs were removed from the assessment and will not be part of the assessment. Therefore, the rubric used to score these items will not apply. However, it will remain available online for instructional purposes and reference for the 2005–2008 Public Release forms.

Students who take the mini-assessments online will receive immediate feedback regarding their performance. For the selected response items, correct answers are provided. For the constructive response items, scoring rubrics and anchor papers are provided since students must self-score the constructed response items to receive useful feedback. Additionally, by self-scoring their responses, students will get a better understanding of the constructed response scoring process.

The 2009 mini-assessment for English includes selected response items only, while the mini-assessments for English from 2005–2008 include a combination of selected response and constructed response items. Correct answers are provided for the selected response and constructed response items. Since teachers and students score the constructed response items, the English rubric and anchor papers for each constructed response item are provided. Self-scoring the constructed response items also will offer students the opportunity to better understand how constructed response items were scored.

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