High School Assessment
Algebra/Data Analysis Assessment

 More About the Assessment

The items on the Public Release Forms of the Algebra/Data Analysis High School Assessment represent a fair measure of the Mathematics Core Learning Goals. Users of these items should take into consideration the following information:

  • All items have been field tested, produced good psychometric data, and are statistically reliable.
  • Each form is approximately 30 minutes shorter than the version students will take during a formal test administration because the forms do not include field test items.
  • There are items of all difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard) on the public release forms.
  • Each item represents only one way to measure an indicator.
  • The items measure students' skills and knowledge of content as directed by the Core Learning Goal indicators as designated for the Algebra/Data Analysis High School Assessment.
  • All item formats — selected response, student produced response, brief constructed response, and extended constructed response — are represented on forms administered prior to May 2009.
  • When printing the items the following may occur depending on the type of software and printer that is used: figures may be smaller or larger than intended, lines on graphs may be lighter than intended. Because of this, items that require students to measure a segment or angle may result in a measurement slightly different than intended. Be aware of this when scoring student responses to these items. On the actual assessments this does not occur because forms are produced by the same equipment.
  • The purpose of a field test is "to test" the item, i.e., to see if the items assess the indicators effectively. Consequently some items have been revised or fine-tuned based on what we observe throughout the scoring process. The revised items provide more information to students and teachers as they prepare for the future assessments and are presented here.
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