The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) releases high school assessment forms to provide students, teachers, and the public examples of how students are being assessed.
MSDE staff and Maryland teachers have been writing and selecting test items since 1999. Potential test items go through an extensive process of editing and review to improve, correct, or eliminate poor items. Items are then field tested in schools. Based on an analysis of the field test responses, MSDE selects those items that help us reliably measure student performance for future test forms. The released assessments consist of a mixture of selected (multiple choice) and constructed (short and long written) response items (including gridded response items in the mathematics assessments). They are all psychometrically valid and reliable. (Note: MSDE does not plan to release a test form in 2010.)
When you click on any of the assessments, you will be able to view all the items on that assessment and take the test online. For items administered prior to May 2009, you can listen to an explanation of the rubric and anchor papers used to score the item, and practice scoring student responses.
While the items in the public release form have been selected to be indicative of items that may be used in future years, there are two caveats.
  1. The number of items released will vary from the number of items on the assessment administered to students. The forms of the assessment that will be given in schools will include additional items being field tested for use on future assessments.
  2. The items of this public release form represent varying difficulty levels, and each item represents only one way to assess an indicator. Scoring correctly on a particular item does not necessarily indicate proficiency on the indicator assessed.
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