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The High School Assessments student's knowledge of Core Learning Goals at the indicator level. Some indicators have assessment limits which indicate more specifically what will be assessed. Assessment items and other instructional resources at the indicator level can be viewed in the CLG Toolkit.

Goal 2 Peoples Of The Nation And World

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the history, diversity, and commonality of the peoples of the nation and world, the reality of human interdependence, and the need for global cooperation, through a perspective that is both historical and multicultural.


2.1 The student will evaluate the interdependent relationship of United States politics and government to world affairs.


2.1.1 The student will analyze economic, political, social issues and their affect on foreign policies of the United States.

Assessment limits:
  • Policies of United States government that promote or fail to promote relationships with other countries include national defense (military), arms control, and security of other nations, trade, human rights, economic sanctions, and foreign aid.
  • Contemporary concerns which affect international relationships including: national security, economic well-being, the spread of democracy, developing nations, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and global economic conditions.

2.1.2 The student will evaluate the effectiveness of international alliances and organizations from the perspective of the United States.

Assessment limits:
  • United Nations and other organizations categorized as:
    • Security — North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • Economic — North American Free Trade
    • Agreement, International Monetary Fund, World Bank
    • Humanitarian — International Red Cross
  • Issues of national sovereignty, self-determination, and human rights on U.S. Interdependent relationships.
  • Other examples of alliances and organizations in which the United States participates may be used, but information will be provided in the item.

2.2 The student will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of the United States system of government and various other political systems.


2.2.1 The student will analyze advantages and disadvantages of various types of governments throughout the world.

Assessment limits:
  • Types of political systems including: democratic (parliamentary, presidential) and authoritarian (monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship and totalitarian).
  • Forms of government: confederation, federal, unitary.
Date: 8/2004