School Improvement in Maryland
Board Members' Guide

What Do Board Members Need To Know?

Understanding Maryland Standards

Understanding State Assessments

  • How does Maryland assess student learning? • MSAHSAAYP
  • What do the assessments test? • MSAHSAMod-HSA
  • What do the assessments look like? • MSAHSA
  • How are the assessments scored? • MSAHSA
  • How were standards set? • MSAHSA

Understanding NCLB and AYP

Analyzing Data Results

Supporting Students on HSA

  • How are districts and schools performing on HSA?
  • What supports are in place to ensure students pass the HSA?

Welcome, Board Members

from Leslie Wilson, Asst. State Superintendent

This page was developed to provide you information to support your efforts in improving student achievement in your district or across the state. Let us know what you find useful and what changes you would like to see. You may want to bookmark this page as your homepage.

Recent Feedback

Board Members share their perspective on how has assisted their work.

“ allows us to help our teachers look at trends in data, especially critical subgroups. We can monitor our targets as AMO increases each year. The questions/processes provided to guide us through analysis of data to impact instruction are extremely valuable.”

—McCutcheon, Laura and Hankins, Laura, Gaithersburg Elementary, MD

“This site has been instrumental! We will continue to surge forward as a professional learning community as long as we have the in our side pocket!”

—Lance Dempsey, Principal, Shady Grove Middle School

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News From The Board

July 28, 2015

Maryland assesses, and makes changes to PARCC. Chief among them: a shorter test. More than 50% of licensed childcare providers now have registered with Maryland Excels. And the Board celebrates new members -- all in Board News July.

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Data Explorer

Learn how to read and analyze your school's performance on HSA and AYP.

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Safe Harbor

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