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CLG Toolkit: English

CLG Toolkit

View the tools for each English Goal:

English Goal 1.0

Reading, Reviewing and Responding to Texts

English Goal 2.0

Composing in a Variety of Modes

English Goal 3.0

Controlling Language

English Goal 4.0

Evaluating the Content, Organization, and Language Use of Texts

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The CLG Toolkit is a project developed and implemented by the Maryland Sate Department of Education (MSDE) in partnership with Local School System (LSS) personnel. The project has two goals. The first goals is to provide Maryland educators with additional resources that will assist them in the instruction of content and skills contained in the Core Learning Goals. The second goal is to enhance student learning in the classroom, as well as improve student success on all Maryland assessments.

Explanation of Specific Resources

Toolkit resources are embedded in the Core Learning Goals document. Different types of tools are under development, although not all tools are currently available for every indicator.

Public Release Item: Public Release items have appeared on HSA forms and then are released for public viewing and use. Releasing items is one step to ensuring that schools, districts, and other stakeholders understand how the core learning goals are assessed on the HSA.

Sample Assessment: Each sample assessment item gives an idea of how an assessment item on the High School Assessment (HSA) might be presented. The items appropriately measure the content of the Core Learning Goals and are formatted similarly to those appearing on the HSA.