School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 1




Standard 4.0 Writing

Students will compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific forms, and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and purpose.


  • 1. Compose texts using the prewriting and drafting strategies of effective writers and speakers
  1. Generate ideas and topics and make a plan for writing
  2. Write a first draft with a main idea and supporting details


  • 2. Compose oral, written, and visual presentations that express personal ideas, inform, and persuade
  1. Write to express personal ideas using drawings, symbols, letters, words, sentences, and simple paragraphs
  2. Contribute to a shared writing experience or topic of interest
  3. Use sensory details to expand ideas
  4. Use details that support a topic with a clear beginning, middle, and end to inform
  5. Write persuasive text to support a stated opinion
  6. Write a variety of responses to text, such as response logs and journals


  • 3. Compose texts using the revising and editing strategies of effective writers and speakers
  1. Improve writing by
    • Maintaining a topic
    • Adding ideas
  2. Proofread and edit writing for
    • Capitalization at the beginning of sentences
    • Capitalization for names
    • Punctuation at the end of sentences
    • Accurate spelling of previously learned, high-frequency words
  3. Prepare writing for publication


  • 4. Identify how language choices in writing and speaking affect thoughts and feelings
  1. Identify and use words to express feelings, such as happiness, anger, sadness, frustration
  2. Acquire and use new vocabulary


  1. Use descriptive words and other details to expand and improve student's own writing


  • 6. Use information from various sources to accomplish a purpose
  1. Identify sources of information on a topic, such as trade books, classroom dictionaries, glossaries, indexes, maps, news magazines, etc.
  2. Use graphic organizers, such as webs and story maps to organize information

Indicators/objectives that include assessment limits are assessed on MSA *New Standards identifies the need for students to process 1 million words per year to maintain academic progress.