School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 8




Standard 6.0 Listening

Students will demonstrate effective listening to learn, process, and analyze information.


  • 1. Apply and demonstrate listening skills appropriately in a variety of settings and for a variety of purposes
  1. Respond to a speaker's cues appropriately
  2. Identify regional and social language differences
  3. Determine and apply criteria to evaluate oral presentations


  • 2. Demonstrate comprehension and literary analysis strategies and skills for a variety of listening purposes and settings
  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the elements of the speech or performance or presentation
  2. Interpret the speech or performance or presentation
  3. Analyze a speaker's purpose and viewpoint
  4. Identify and evaluate a speaker's stylistic devices such as clear organization, clear viewpoint, use of support, language appropriate to audience, topic appropriate to audience
  5. Evaluate a speaker's credibility such as bias, hidden agendas, use of research/information from reliable sources
  6. Explain and support a personal response to an oral presentation

Indicators/objectives that include assessment limits are assessed on MSA *New Standards identifies the need for students to process 1 million words per year to maintain academic progress.