School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 6




Standard 7.0 Speaking

Student will communicate effectively in a variety of situations with different audiences, purposes, and formats.


  • 1. Demonstrate appropriate organizational strategies and delivery techniques to plan for a variety of oral presentation purposes
  1. Identify the purpose, audience, and setting for a presentation
  2. Identify the needs and perspectives of the audience
  3. Select and plan for appropriate use of visual aids
  4. Select the topic of an oral presentation
  5. Gather/construct adequate support
  6. Identify and use a variety of organization structures such as narrative, cause and effect, chronological order, description, main idea and detail, problem/solution, question/answer, comparison and contrast

Indicators/objectives that include assessment limits are assessed on MSA *New Standards identifies the need for students to process 1 million words per year to maintain academic progress.