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Using the State Curriculum: Science, Grade PK




State Curriculum Toolkit

Tools aligned to State Curriculum indicators and/or objectives.

  • Introduction for Standard or Indicator

Standard 3.0 Life Science

The students will use scientific skills and processes to explain the dynamic nature of living things, their interactions, and the results from the interactions that occur over time.


A. Diversity of Life


  • 1. Observe a variety of familiar plants and animals to describe how they are alike and how they are different.
  1. Gather information about how some animals are alike in the way they look and in the things they do.
  2. Gather information about how some plants are alike in the way they look and in the things they do.
  3. Draw a picture of two animals that look alike (or plants) and of two animals (or plants) that look different and respond to questions that are raised by those who observe the pictures.
  4. Identify some of the things that all animals do, such as eat, move around and explain how their features (observable parts) help them do these things.


C. Genetics


  1. Recognize and describe the similarities and differences among familiar animals and their offspring.
  2. Describe how offspring are very much, but not exactly, like their parents and like one another.

January 2008