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Using the State Curriculum: Science, Grade 4




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Standard 4.0 Chemistry

Students will use scientific skills and processes to explain the composition, structure, and interactions of matter in order to support the predictability of structure and energy transformations.


A. Structure of Matter


  • 1. Provide evidence to support the fact that matter has observable and measurable properties
  1. Identify examples of matter.
  2. Describe and compare the physical properties of samples of matter.
  3. Compare samples of like materials using appropriate tools to measure, estimate, and calculate size, capacities, masses and weights.
  4. Cite evidence that supports the statement, "All matter takes up space and contains a certain amount of material."

Note: Highlighting identifies assessment limits. All highlighted Indicators will be tested on the Grades 5 and 8 MSA. The highlighted Objectives under each highlighted Indicator identify the limit to which MSA items can be written. Although all content standards are tested on MSA, not all Indicators and Objectives are tested. Objectives that are not highlighted will not be tested on MSA, however are an integral part of Instruction.

January 2008