State Standards - Social Studies

Grade 2
Standard 1.0 Political Science: Students will understand the historical development and current status of the democratic principles and the development of skills and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizens.
A. The Foundations and Function of Government
1. Explain how rules and laws are made and necessary to maintain order and protect citizens
a. Explain how school and community rules promote orderliness, fairness, responsibility, privacy, and safety
b. Identify leadership positions and organizations in the community and explain how they can be helpful in maintaining safety and order
2. Explain how democratic skills and attitudes are associated with being a responsible citizen
a. Use appropriate informational text to develop an understanding of democratic skills and attitudes, such as rights and responsibilities, respect, fairness, honesty, loyalty, and courage
b. Connect certain people, symbols, songs and poems to the ideals they represent, such as George Washington portrays leadership, the American flag represents loyalty and respect, and the Star Spangled Banner represents courage and freedom
B. Individual and Group Participation in the Political System
1. Explain how contributions and events are important to the American political system
a. Describe the contributions of local government leaders and current leaders of their school and community, such as county executives, county council or mayor, and city council
b. Explain how contributions of people recognized in holidays, such as Memorial Day and Constitution Day, represent democratic beliefs and attitudes, that include rights and responsibilities, loyalty, respect, and courage
C. Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order
1. Describe the rights and responsibilities of being a participating member of the school and the community
a. Recognize and describe how making choices affects self, family, school, and community
b. Identify concerns in the community, such as safety issues and pollution problems and ways to resolve these concerns


MSDE has developed a toolkit for these standards which can be found online at:


Date: 1/27/2015