School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Standards: Social Studies, Grade 3


Peoples of the Nation and World:

Social Studies:

Standard 2.0 Peoples of the Nation and World

Students will understand how people in Maryland, the United States and around the world are alike and different.


A. Elements of Culture


  • 1. Analyze and describe elements of a multicultural setting
  1. Use fiction and non-fiction to compare the elements of several cultures and how they meet their human needs for clothing, food, shelter, recreation, education, stories, art, music, and language
  2. Explain how and why media such as the internet, television, radio, and newspaper provide an opportunity to understand various perspectives about cultures


B. Cultural Diffusion


  • 1. Identify and describe how individuals and groups share and borrow from other cultures
  1. Use non-fiction texts to identify and discuss examples of how communities borrow and share from other cultures


C. Conflict and Compromise


  • 1. Analyze how groups of people interact
  1. Identify and demonstrate appropriate social skills necessary for working in a cooperative groups such as using concern, compassion, and respect among group members
  2. Explain how different points of view in school and community situations may result in compromise or conflict

Date: 6/20/2006