School Improvement in Maryland

Using the State Standards: Social Studies, Grade 5



Social Studies:

State Standard Toolkit

Tools aligned to State Standard indicators and/or objectives.

  • Clarification of Indicator and/or Objective
    Explanation and/or examples of indicator and/or objective
  • Lesson Seeds
    Ideas/seeds for an objective-aligned activity

Standard 5.0 History

Students will examine significant ideas, beliefs, and themes; organize patterns and events; and analyze how individuals and societies have changed over time in Maryland and the United States.


A. Individuals and Societies Change Over Time


  • 1. Analyze the chronology and significance of key historical events during the age of European exploration
  1. Describe the origin, destination and goals of the North American explorers
  2. Evaluate the results of the interactions between European explorers and native peoples


  • 2. Analyze the chronology and the significance of key historical events leading to early settlements in Colonial America
  1. Describe the major settlements in Roanoke, St. Augustine and Jamestown
  2. Analyze how key historical events impacted Native American societies


B. Emergence, Expansion and Changes in Nations and Empires


  • 2. Analyze the growth and development of colonial America
  1. Describe the religious, political and economic motives of individuals who migrated to North America and the difficulties they encountered
  2. Compare the political, economic and social lives of people in New England, Middle and the Southern colonies
  3. Analyze the different roles and viewpoints of individuals and groups, such as women, men, free and enslaved Africans, and Native Americans during the Revolutionary period


C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions


  • 1. Analyze the causes of the American Revolution
  1. Identify and sequence key events between the French and Indian War and the American Revolution
  2. Examine the viewpoints of Patriots and Loyalists regarding British colonial policy after the Seven Years' War


  • 2. Analyze the effects of the American Revolution
  1. Analyze how the revolution altered colonial and national governments
  2. Describe individual freedoms that resulted from the formation of an independent nation

Date: 1/27/2015