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Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 5

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Lesson Seeds: The lesson seeds are ideas for the indicator/objective that can be used to build a lesson. Lesson seeds are not meant to be all-inclusive, nor are they substitutes for instruction.

Standard 1.0 General Reading Processes

Topic E. General Reading Comprehension

Indicator 4. Use strategies to demonstrate understanding of the text (after reading)

Objective b. Identify and explain what is directly stated in the text


Prior to this activity, students should read a selected text independently. Next the teacher should share with students 3-4 questions which can be answered by directly stated information or details in the text. The teacher should model the review of the previously read text, stopping to highlight or mark with sticky notes the places in the text where text exists that can answer the questions. Then questions should be answered orally and places in the text where answers were found should be cited. Once all questions are answered, the teacher and students should discuss how areas in the text were located. Were text features helpful? Was the same information/details found in more than one location within the text? Next, students should try this process independently.


Prior to students reading a selected text, the teacher will preview the text to select a purpose for reading. In addition the teacher will choose a pre-reading and during-reading strategy that will link to the after-reading strategy. For an informational text, the teacher could have students read to locate details of an argument or an explanation. For a literary text, the teacher could have students read to locate details of character development or a sequence of events that lead to the climax of a story, drama, or poem. After reading is complete, the student should be able to locate within the text where these details are placed. This sharing of information can occur during a class discussion or if students need more support, an organizer could be used.

Location in text/page # and paragraph Information/details directly stated about
(Fill in subject, character, argument, etc)
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