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Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 7

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Lesson Seeds: The lesson seeds are ideas for the indicator/objective that can be used to build a lesson. Lesson seeds are not meant to be all-inclusive, nor are they substitutes for instruction.

Standard 3.0 Comprehension of Literary Text

Indicator 7. Analyze the author's purposeful use of language

Objective e. Analyze elements of style and their contribution to meaning


Prior to reading, the teacher will establish the following terms with students: repetition, hyperbole, understatement, and rhetorical questioning. The teacher will share with students examples of these literary devices from multiple literary texts. The teacher will assist students with identification of these devices and then guide discussion to the reason for and effectiveness of these devices.


The teacher should select multiple literary texts by the same author and should preview the texts for use of repetition, hyperbole, understatement, and rhetorical questioning. As students read each text or a portion of each text, they should note uses of these elements. After all texts have been read, the teacher and students should discuss each text with emphasis on its elements of style. Finally, all texts should be considered together to determine whether the author uses an individual element or a combination of elements in his/her style of writing.