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Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 8

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Lesson Seeds: The lesson seeds are ideas for the indicator/objective that can be used to build a lesson. Lesson seeds are not meant to be all-inclusive, nor are they substitutes for instruction.

Standard 3.0 Comprehension of Literary Text

Indicator 2. Analyze and evaluate text features to facilitate and extend understanding of literary texts

Objective a. Analyze text features that contribute to meaning


The teacher will locate a short literary text which contains a range of text features such as quotation marks, exclamation points, hyphens, italics, illustrations, bold print etc… Students will read the text highlighting only those text features designated by the teacher. Next students will determine whether or not those text features affect the meaning of the text. For example, looking at a word or phrase written in italics, a student might speculate that the italics alter the standard meaning of the word or draw attention to the word which might be integral to the meaning of the text. As each designated text feature is analyzed, the student will record their findings on a quick reference text feature chart.

Text Feature How does the text feature affect meaning? Text Sample

After the chart is complete, place students with a partner and have them compare their findings.


Prior to reading a passage by a selected author, students will read a brief biographical sketch of that author which appears as an informational aid in the text. Students will discuss aspects of the author's life and experiences. As students read the author's passage they will note elements of the author's life and experiences that are apparent in the passage or how the author's life influenced his/her writing. Once reading is complete the teacher and students will record an element of the author's life and the portion of the passage which reflects it. Further discussion might lead to analyzing author's purpose as it relates to that author's experiences.

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