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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 1. Examine the consequences of interactions among groups and cultures in Maryland

Objective a. Describe Maryland colonists' reactions to changing economic policies from England using events that led to the American Revolutionary War

The Annapolis-based Maryland Gazette played an important role in the build-up to revolution in Maryland. It printed official correspondence from the Governor and House of Delegates, reported significant incidents such as the burning of the Peggy Stewart, and served as a vehicle for debates between those who opposed and those who defended British policies. Have students create the front page of an issue of the Maryland Gazette during the Stamp Act Crisis. Describe to students how Marylanders reacted to the Stamp Act. (This essay may be helpful to you: Then, show students some examples of the Maryland Gazette printed during this time. (Images may be found at: 121/5912/html/0000.html Finally, have students create a front page of the Maryland Gazette that includes both a brief newspaper story (one paragraph) that reports some event that occurred during the Stamp Act Crisis (such as the attack on Hood or the Governor's decision to prevent the landing of the stamps) as well as a "letter to the editor" (one paragraph) that takes a position either opposing or defending the stamp act.

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