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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 1. Examine the consequences of interactions among groups and cultures in Maryland

Objective b. Explain the interactions between colonists and the British during the Pre-Revolutionary period

Marylanders did not embrace independence enthusiastically. In fact, even as they voted for independence, they lamented the severing of their ties with Great Britain. To illustrate this for students, have them read an excerpt from "A Declaration of the Delegates of Maryland." This document was issued on July 6 to declare the Maryland colony's independence from Great Britain and explain their reasons for doing so. A passage in the final section reads, "No ambitious views, no desire of independence, induced the people of Maryland to form an union with the other colonies. To procure an exemption from parliamentary taxation, and to continue to the legislatures of these colonies the sole and exclusive right of regulating their internal polity, was our original and only motive. To maintain inviolate our liberties, and to transmit them unimpared to posterity, was our duty and first wish; our next, to continue connected with, and dependent on Great Britain." Have students read this passage with the aid of a vocabulary list or translation. Ask them to analyze the passage. What reasons do the Maryland delegates give for declaring independence? Do the colonists seem excited to be declaring their independence? Ask students why Marylanders might have been so reluctant to sever ties with Great Britain.

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