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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 3. Analyze regional differences in the Civil War and its effects on people in Maryland

Objective a. Describe the economic interests in Maryland, such as agricultural v. industrial and slave v. non-slave

As a class, define the characteristics of the North's economy and the South's economy in the decades preceding the Civil War. Divide the class into groups of 5 students each. Assign one student in each group to research the economy of one of the regions of Maryland: Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, Western Maryland, Central Maryland, and Baltimore City. (It will be helpful if you provide students with a list of the Maryland counties included in each region.) Ask students to find information on their regions' types of agriculture, types of industry, and prevalence of slavery during the first half of the 1800s. Provide each group with a map of Maryland marked with the regional boundaries. After completing the research, students should note their findings on their region of their group's map either through words or pictures. For example, for Western Maryland, a student may either write the words "wheat," "corn," "iron works," "flour mills," and "a few slaves," or they may choose to represent these concepts through drawings. After each member of the group has entered his/her findings on the map and shared his findings with the rest of the group, the group should discuss whether they think Maryland's economy had more in common with the Northern economy or the Southern economy. They should write a short paragraph stating their position and providing evidence supporting their argument. Finally, have each group share their map and conclusions with the rest of the class. Conduct a class discussion of Maryland's economy on the eve of the Civil War and how it might have affected Maryland's position in the war.

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