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Standard 5.0 History

Topic C. Conflict between Ideas and Institutions

Indicator 3. Analyze regional differences in the Civil War and its effects on people in Maryland

Objective b. Explain why loyalties to the North and the South were divided in Maryland

Because Maryland was such a mix of North and South, each Marylander had to decide for himself which side to support during the Civil War based on his lifestyle and connections. Sometimes, this decision was very easy to make; other times, it was quite difficult. Create a number of Maryland identities. Some possibilities include:

  • A small scale tobacco planter living in Prince George's County with 5 slaves
  • A shopkeeper in Frederick who immigrated from Germany 10 years ago
  • A wheat farmer with no slaves living on the Eastern Shore who has family in Virginia
  • An ironworks owner in Baltimore County with 150 slaves
  • A free black woman working in Baltimore City as a domestic servant
  • An enslaved African American working in Southern Maryland who was sold from Virginia and has family still living there
  • A Baltimore shipyard owner who employs 25 enslaved workers and who has family in Massachusetts

Assign an identity to each student and ask them to write a brief explanation in the first-person declaring their loyalty to either the North or the South and explaining why they made the decision that they did. Was it a difficult or an easy decision? What do they think will be the consequences of their decision? Have volunteers read their explanations aloud.

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