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Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 5

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Sample Assessments: Each sample assessment item gives an idea of how an assessment item on the MSA might be presented. The items appropriately measure the content of the State Curriculum and may be formatted similarly to those appearing on the MSA; however, these are sample items only and have not appeared on any MSA form.

Standard 2.0 Comprehension of Informational Text

Indicator 1. Develop and apply comprehension skills by reading a variety of self-selected and assigned print and non-print informational texts, including electronic media

Objective a. Read, use, and identify the characteristics of nonfiction materials such as textbooks, appropriate reference materials, research and historical documents, personal narratives, diaries, and journals, biographies, newspapers, letters, articles, web sites and other online materials, other appropriate content-specific texts to gain information and content knowledge

Assessment limit: Grade-appropriate informational texts

Selected Response Item

After reading the article, Fly High, Bessie Coleman, answer the following question.

Which of these sentences from this article most clearly identifies the article as nonfiction?

  1. High above the airfield, a pilot had just finished carving a crisp figure eight in the air.
  2. Everyone cheered for Bessie Coleman, the first licensed black pilot in the world.
  3. Each year Bessie’s school closed for months at a time.
  4. She read everything she could about airplanes and flying.

Correct Answer:

Selected Response Item

Read the article titled 'A Brick to Cuddle Up To' and answer the following questions. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

Which of these sentences from this article most clearly shows that "A Brick to Cuddle Up To" is nonfiction?

  1. The pan held hot embers from the fireplace.
  2. On winter rides, colonial travelers covered themselves with animal skins and warm blankets.
  3. Hot smoke puffed from small holes in the stove's lid, soothing freezing feet and legs.
  4. Reading or needlework was done by candlelight, or by the light of the fire.

Correct Answer:

Assessment limit:
Grade-appropriate informational texts

Resources for Objective 2.A.1.a: