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Using the State Curriculum: Reading/ELA, Grade 7

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Sample Assessments: Each sample assessment item gives an idea of how an assessment item on the MSA might be presented. The items appropriately measure the content of the State Curriculum and may be formatted similarly to those appearing on the MSA; however, these are sample items only and have not appeared on any MSA form.

Standard 2.0 Comprehension of Informational Text

Indicator 6. Read critically to evaluate informational text

Objective a. Analyze the extent to which the text fulfills the reading purpose

Assessment limit: Connections between the content of the text and the purpose for reading

Selected Response Item

Read the passage "Bard of Avon."

Which sentence would best provide additional information to paragraph 2 and connect to paragraph 3?

  1. But the Theatre was still the favorite.
  2. It was easy to get into a playhouse for a performance.
  3. It was difficult to get workers to construct the playhouses.
  4. The playhouses were constructed of the same materials and with the same plan.

Correct Answer:

Resources for Objective 2.A.6.a: