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What are the graduation requirements for my child?

It is important to review graduation requirements at an IEP meeting. Some school systems have additional requirements other than those required by the State. The current credit requirements for a Maryland High School Diploma listed in COMAR 13A.03.02.04 were finalized in July of 2004. The regulation requires, at a minimum, the following specified course credits, which include:

  • Four English,
  • Three mathematics: One in algebra/data analysis, and One in geometry,
  • Three science: One in biology, and Two with laboratory experience (earth, life, or physical science),
  • Three social studies: One in U. S. history; One in world history; One in local, state, and national government,
  • One fine arts,
  • One technology,
  • One-half () health,
  • One-half () physical education,
  • Two foreign language, or two advanced technology, and
  • Three electives; or
  • Four in a career and technology program, and one elective credit.

In addition to required course credits, all students are to complete 75 hours of student service or complete a locally designed program in student service approved by MSDE. These credit requirements for the Maryland High School Diploma apply to all students. Local school systems may establish additional credit requirements or add endorsements to the diploma as incentives for students to meet locally established requirements beyond the minimums specified by the State.

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