School Improvement in Maryland

Toolkit for a Data-Driven Culture

This section includes tools for school leaders and team members to use in preparing teachers for the most effective use of the Classroom-Focused Improvement Process. It includes a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and needs assessment tools for use in:

  • Determining staff beliefs about the assessment process and the value of using data as a major driver of school progress
  • Introducing to the staff the rationale for and the background of the Classroom-Focused Improvement Process (CFIP)
  • Determining your school's readiness to implement CFIP effectively
  • Analyzing your school's capacity to improve and to act on your findings
  • Identifying sources of data to use with CFIP
  • Sharing sample templates that teams might produce as a result of CFIP meetings
  • Answering frequently-asked questions about CFIP
  • Assessing your school's progress in the implementation of CFIP after a year or two of its use


Rethinking School Improvement
PDF, Powerpoint


A Brief Introduction to the Classroom-Focused Improvement Process CFIP