Practice Activity: Understanding Your Target
Assess staff understanding of state standards


Before you develop a staff development game plan, you need to assess staff needs in identified areas. Likewise, after you have provided a staff development activity, you will also want to assess staff understanding and readiness to apply the new knowledge. The following survey questions illustrate one possible way to assess staff understanding in the area of state standards*.

  1. In what areas does the state set standards for our school?
  2. Does our district expect us to meet those standards?
  3. Which of the standards does our school meet and which do we not meet?
  4. How does the state define standards for students?
  5. What is the teacher's role in helping students attain these standards?
  6. Identify three ways that state standards for schools have changed (or will change) the way I do my job.
  7. What are teachers at this school expected to know and do with standards?
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*To copy these questions to use or modify in a document, highlight the text with your cursor, type "Ctrl" + "C" (PC) or "Command" + "C" (Mac) and then paste into your software program.

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