Performance Activity: Evaluating School Improvement Plans
Evaluate your school improvement plan

. Does your School Improvement Plan provide clear direction to you and your staff about where you are heading and how you will know that you have arrived? To help you evaluate whether your School Improvement Plan is likely to lead to the improved student achievement you are seeking, answer the following questions about each instructional objective in your plan. Though the assignment would be more relevant to you if you used your own plan, you may also opt to evaluate another school's plan.

Self-Evaluation Worksheet for Your School Improvement Plan*

  1. What have you identified as summative evidence that the objective has been attained?


  2. What formative evidence will you collect along the way and what milestones will you set to determine if your strategies are moving you closer to the attainment of your objective?


  3. At what point during the year will you make a determination whether you need to change strategies because you are not making progress? How will you determine this?


  4. What strategies have you identified to help you meet your goal?


  5. Are your strategies based on an identification of your school's problem in the objective area, i.e., an identification of the chief causes of your data being low in that area? If yes, what were the problems you identified? If not, how were the strategies chosen?


  6. Looking at them from hindsight, do they seem likely to have a high impact on your objective? If not, should they be included in your plan?


  7. Whose job is it to make sure the strategies are implemented? Is this stated in the plan?


  8. What does your staff need to know to implement the plan? Have you planned adequate staff development to ensure that they can do their part?


  9. Based on this self-evaluation, what do you think needs to be changed in your school improvement plan?

. Include in your portfolio the following products:
  • Your Answers to the Self-evaluation Questions
Criteria used to assess effective performance

Your performance will be judged effective if you have demonstrated on your self-evaluation

  • An understanding of the components of a school improvement plan
  • An understanding of alignment in a plan
  • An ability to analyze your plan and revise as appropriate
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