Performance Activity: Aligning Efforts and Keeping Staff Focused on the Target
.Design a data display to monitor school progress

One strategy for focusing staff and stakeholders on your school improvement goals is to display the progress toward attainment of your school improvement goals on a bulletin board, display case or school wall. Your assignment is to design on paper, or create a bulletin board and photograph, a display that will serve as an ongoing progress report of where the school is in relationship to its school goals. It should allow staff and stakeholders to quickly see where you are, where you are heading, and how the journed is going. Your display needs to include the following components:

  • Your school objective(s)
  • Graphed data indicating where you are in relationship to that objective
  • Graphed data that you have collected to monitor progress
  • A description of additional data you will be collecting to monitor progress
  • Any other illustration of activities related to the progress of your students
.Include in your portfolio the following products:
  • Design, photograph, or web page
Criteria used to assess effective performance
Your performance will be judged effective if your design demonstrates your ability to
  1. Communicate your school’s school improvement efforts
  2. Identify data that describes your school's journey
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