Performance Activity: Leading the Data Analysis
Lead the discussion about your data
Using your school's AYP or MSA data (or your feeder school's data), lead a 30 minute discussion about your school’s performance at a staff meeting or department, interdisciplinary, grade level or leadership team meeting. Identify the data you will use and the questions you will ask to guide the discussion. At the end of the discussion, write a short reflection addressing the following questions:
  • Were staff engaged in this discussion?
  • Did staff seem surprised at any data?
  • Were they especially concerned about any data?
  • Did staff evidence any ownership of the data, i.e., did they see the relationship of what they do in their classrooms as impacting the data?
  • What would you do differently next time you led this discussion?
  • What are your next steps for engaging staff in data analysis?

. Include in your portfolio the following products:
  • Graphs used in the discussion
  • Questions to guide the discussion or game plan
  • Reflection
Criteria used to assess effective performance
You will have performed effectively on this assignment if your questions demonstrate an ability to lead staff to an appropriate interpretation of data results and your reflection demonstrates an ability to assess staff engagement and understanding of the data results.
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