Performance Activity: Presenting Data to Staff and Stakeholders
Write a data summary for AYP performance
. AYP Data Results
  • Did you meet AYP in all areas? If not, in which areas did you not meet AYP?
  • What progress have you made over the last 2 years?
  • Were there disparities in performance between groups of students?
  • Has the gap decreased over the last 2 years?
Questions the AYP Data Raised
  • What questions does this data raise that you will want to explore further?
  • What additional data do you have about the content area you have identified as needing the most improvement?
  • What additional data do you want to collect?
Benchmarking Successful Schools
  • How does your performance compare to the state and county performances?
  • Which schools similar to yours have out-performed you in your low performing area?

Include in your portfolio the following products:
  • Data summary
Criteria used to assess effective performance
You will have demonstrated effective performance on this assignment if your data summary includes the information identified above.
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