Practice Activity: Presenting Data to Staff and Stakeholders
Create a communication plan

. If you do not plan what, when and how you will communicate data results to your staff and stakeholders, then communication will be happenstance. Your planning should begin with the identification of the data results you want to present and the timeframe they are available to the public. You will want to present your school's data shortly after it is released to the public to demonstrate that you are on top of your school's data, have analyzed it and have decided what changes need to be made in your instructional program based on the data. You would always prefer to initiate this discussion yourself rather than have a parent or a boss asking you what you plan to do about your data results in some low performing area.

Data you will want to consider presenting includes AYP, MSA, HSA, any specified district tests, and whatever data you are collecting to track the progress of your students on student achievement goals.

There are a number of formats that you could employ to present your school's data including the following:

  • Presentation to small or large group
  • Letter or memo
  • Newsletter
  • Bulletin board
  • Email or web site
The following table illustrates the kind of information your communication plan might include.

Data to be SharedWhen Data is AvailableAudience Audience Date to Share DataFormatStaff Responsible
AYPJuneStaffJune Staff MeetingPresentationPrincipal
AYPJuneParentsJune PTA NewsletterPTA NewsletterPrincipal Staff Liaison
AYPJunePTA Board
June or September PTA Board MeetingPresentationPrincipal or designee
AYPJuneStaff, students, visitorsSeptemberBulletin BoardArt Teacher

Presenting your school's data is not to be confused with engaging your staff (and selected stakeholders) in analyzing your data. For staff, presenting your school data is the first step in a long process that will involve staff analyzing results and clarifying your problem in low performance areas.

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