Practice Activity: Presenting Data to Staff and Stakeholders
Write a data summary for AYP performance


A data summary describes your school or district performance on state, district, and/or local school assessments. It should describe what the data is telling you about your school's performance against the state standards and should drive the goal setting process for the school's improvement plan. It includes a summary of strengths and areas of need based on the assessments you examined. It would include a summary of the performance of groups of students within the school as well as the total population. In part a data summary depends on your intended audience. For purposes of this course, we have focused this data summary on your school (or district) performance on state assessments. Though your district may have added some district standards, all public schools and districts are accountable for making progress toward the attainment of state standards. You will want to include the following information in your data summary.

AYP Data Results

  • Did you meet AYP in all areas? If not, in which areas did you not meet AYP?
  • What progress have you made over the last 2 years?
  • Were there disparities in performance between groups of students?
  • Has the gap decreased over the last 2 years?
Questions the AYP Data Raised
  • What questions does this data raise that you will want to explore further?
  • What additional data do you have about the content area you have identified as needing the most improvement?
  • What additional data do you want to collect?
Benchmarking Successful Schools
  • How does your performance compare to the state and county performances?
  • Which schools similar to yours have out-performed you in your low performing area?
Guidance in writing a data summary has been included in this workshop whereas guidance in writing a needs assessment will be included in the next module of the course, "Using School Data to Clarify and Address Your Problem."

Practice writing data summaries

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