Performance Activity: Leading a Problem Clarification Process
Write a needs assessment

Write a needs assessment based on your MSPAP data analysis and the high impact problem(s) your staff believed to be a major reason for your low performance in that area. Be sure to include the following information:

  • A description of the priority areas of need based on your data analysis
  • A description of the process you used to engage your staff, parents, and students (where appropriate) in identifying the problem(s) at your school
  • A summary about where your school is in relation to the five conditions that need to be in place to hit a target
    1. Do all staff understand the target? (What is being assessed; how it is being assessed (and scored); and what a satisfactory and excellent student performance looks like)
    2. Do all staff know how to teach what is being assessed?
    3. Do all staff know how to assess where students are on this content/skill?
    4. Are all staff monitoring progress of individual students on what is being assessed?
    5. Do all staff provide interventions for students not demonstrating mastery?
  • The highest impact problem(s) that your staff identified in the problem clarification process
  • The evidence you had that supported your hypothesis(es)
.Include in your portfolio the following products::
  • Needs assessment
Criteria used to assess effective performance on your performance

Your performance will be judged effective if your needs assessment meets the following criteria:

  • Describes a process to clarify your problem that was inclusive of all staff and selected stakeholders
  • Identifies the data that supports the identification of your priority instructional needs
  • Identifies a problem that would likely result in improved student achievement if addressed
  • Cited evidence that supports your identification of the problem
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