Practice Activity: Leading a Problem Clarification Process
Collect Data on your Instructional Program

. Understanding the relationship between classroom instruction and student achievement is a prerequisite to clarifying the problem. There are five processes that need to be in place to hit any instructional target and should serve as the basis for an exploration of your instructional program. To accurately identify the problem, teams may need to collect additional data about their instructional program and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of their staff.


Five Key Processes for Hitting Your Target

  1. Understanding the Target
    • Do all staff understand what students are asked to know and do on the state assessments?
    • Do all staff understand how student performance is scored on the state assessments and what a satisfactory and excellent student response looks like?
  2. Teaching the Indicators
    • Do all staff know the standards, expectations, and indicators they are responsible for teaching?
    • Do all staff teach them?
    • Do all staff review them?
  3. Assessing the Indicators
    • Do all staff know how to assess the content standard indicators?
    • How are they being assessed in your program?
    • What do the results indicate?
  4. Monitoring Individual Student Progress
    • Are all staff monitoring progress of individual students on these indicators?
    • How do they use the data to inform instruction?
    • How do they share the results?
  5. Intervening with students not succeeding
    • Do all staff provide interventions for students not demonstrating attainment of an indicator?
    • What are your most common interventions for students not achieving?
    • How successful are the interventions?

You may want to collaborate with your school improvement or leadership team to identify strategies for collecting evidence of where your school is on these five processes.

Harmony Hills Elementary School created surveys for staff as a way of collecting data for their teachers. The survey findings were used to generate a discussion about what their high impact problem was.

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