Practice Activity: Leading a Problem Clarification Process
School H

We did not meet our objective of a 20 percent increase on reading. Our MSPAP scores in reading rose from 29.4 percent satisfactory to 34.1 percent satisfactory. Our scores showed a significant gap with respect to gender scores. We also had 66 percent boys and only 34 percent girls, yet we still showed growth.

We did implement several activities for reading improvement. In the area of parental involvement, we hosted a Father/Son Reading Night on February 29 and featured suggested books in our monthly PTA newsletters. Book Brunches were held bi-monthly to celebrate a variety of genres to read independently for pleasure. We continued sustained silent reading during homeroom daily. Magazines were donated and newspapers were delivered regularly for classroom use. Reading Drills were implemented to develop MSPAP skills. These were helpful and will be continued and extended next year.

Staff development focused on using reading strategies in all content areas. We trained teachers in reading strategies and purposes, as well as to followed up with classroom application. Stance questions and scoring were also encouraged.

Additional support for those students reading below grade level was provided by Title I services, in lieu of Social Studies class. In addition, summer school will be held, targeting below level readers.

Modern Red Schoolhouse project encourages integration of content areas. This occurred during daily team meetings and was recorded on weekly team minute forms. We need to continue the use of reading strategies and a variety of text in all classes.

DATA CTBS Results (percentage of students reading at or above grade level)

GRADE 6 Above 28%* 27%
On 43%* 28%
Below 29%* 45%
GRADE 7 Above 26% 26%
On 36%* 44%
Below 37%* 30%
Grade 6 shows a decline of scores. Scores in grade 7 seem constant.

(Numbers reflect % at satisfactory according to a state rubric)

  Right Kind of House Gift and Giver Secret Stolen Day
Spring 99 29 24 23 29
February 1999 62 54 45 43
Change +33 +30 +33 +14
Student show improvement from grade 7 to grade 8 in their ability to reply to stance questions when reading for literary experience.

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