Practice Activity: Conducting Classroom Walk-throughs
Review of Student Work

  1. Alignment with Content Standards

    How does student work demonstrate performance aligned with the indicators of the Maryland Content Standards, LEA Standards, or most simply, the Maryland Learner Outcomes? This includes coverage of all content areas and at appropriate grade levels.

    a. Reading to Perform A Task
    b. Reading for Information
    c. Reading for Literary Experience

    d. Writing to Inform
    e. Writing for Personal Expression
    f. Writing to Persuade

    g. Algebra, Patterns and functions
    h. Geometry/Measurement
    i. Statistics and Probability
    j. Number Relationships/computation
    k. Processes of Math

    l. Skills and Processes
    m. Earth/Space
    n. Life/Environmental Science
    o. Chemistry/Physics

    p. Social Studies Skills
    q. History
    r. Geography
    s. Economics
    t. Political Systems
    u. Peoples of Nations and World
    v. Language Usage

  2. Appropriate Instructional Materials
    • Is there evidence in the student work that students are using appropriate materials and equipment in the different content areas. This includes different kinds of reading materials, protractors, compasses, calculators, measuring tools, science materials, reading from primary sources, atlas’ and maps.

  3. Levels of Performance
    • Does student work indicate the development of basic skills?
    • Does student work indicate the development of problem solving?
    • Does student work show evidence of a context for learning and grade appropriate application of skill and knowledge?
    • Is there a balance among the above?

  4. Consistency of Student Performances Within Grades

  5. Development of Student Performance across Grades
    • Does student work show growth over the school year?
    • Does work show growth over the grade span of your school?

  6. Other
    • Is scoring of student work appropriate and accurate?
    • Do you notice different performance between boys and girls or other populations? At what grade do they occur?
    • Do you find work that does not reflect the rigor that you would expect?
    • Are there models or targets for students? Are they student or teacher work?
    • Is the amount of student work a concern?
    • Is feedback to the student appropriate and specific enough to inform students about their work?
This draft was developed by Gary Heath — Branch Chief of Arts and Sciences at MSDE
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