Performance Activity: Address the Problem
Align a staff development strategy with one school improvement strategy

. A staff development plan needs to focus on what teachers need to know and be able to do to implement a school improvement strategy. You have already completed an exercise that identified staff development activities to meet two possible staff needs --- understanding what state assessments measure and how they are scored. To implement the strategies outlined in your school improvement plan, staff may need to acquire additional knowledge and skills. Select one instructional school improvement objective, identify what teachers need to know and be able to do to carry out the identified strategies to attain that objective, select one critical skill set, and map out a staff development strategy to provide staff those skills and knowledge. Make sure your plan includes time for content training, practice, implementation, problem-solving and sharing and celebrating. You may use the attached form or create your own.

.Include in your portfolio the following products::
  • Staff development strategy
Criteria used to assess effective performance

Your performance will be judged effective if your plan meets the following criteria:

  • Identifies what staff need to know and be able to do to implement the school improvement strategy
  • Aligns activities to the school improvement plan
  • Differentiates training for staff who have different needs
  • Identifies staff development activities that provide time for practice and planning
  • Provides a clear timeline for implementation
  • Provides time for problem-solving, sharing and celebrating
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