Practice Activity: Communicating Purpose and Expectations
Use teacher observations to reinforce expectations

.You demonstrate what you value by what you expect. A critical role that you play in the observation process is to monitor what you expect when you are conferring with teachers about their instruction. When you are discussing a teacher’s observation, you will want to affirm through your questions that you have placed a high value on the staff use of data to inform instruction. For example, asking the following questions will help teachers understand better how you expect them to use data.

  • How do the students demonstrate for you they are proficient on the indicators I observed you teaching?
  • What percent of your students demonstrated proficiency?
  • What strategies did you (or will you) use to help students improve their performance?
  • When and how will you reassess their performance on the same indicators?
  • What percent of your students improved on the indicators assessed by the scored assessment?
  • What are you planning to do for the students who are not improving?
  • What data do you have to help you identify their area of difficulty?
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