Practice Activity: Developing a Monitoring Plan
Monitor the Plan
Monitoring staff on their collection and use of data will be much simpler now that you have already developed a monitoring plan in the previous activity. Your monitoring plan will already have identified what data results need to be submitted and to whom, how data needs to be recorded and when and how the student performance data will be discussed and used.

You will monitor your plan on different levels:

  1. Is the data being submitted?
  2. Are staff interpreting the data? For example, can they tell you which students or what percent of their class have mastered an indicator?
  3. Can staff discuss student performance on the indicator? Can they identify what students can do and can't do?
  4. Are staff using the performance data to self-assess and modify their instruction? What evidence have they provided that this is happening??
  5. Are teachers re-teaching and re-assessing? What are the results?
You may need to reaffirm that submitting monitoring data is a priority with teachers who are not complying with your expectations. The attached memo illustrates one way you can both reaffirm the importance of the process as well as remind staff of their assignment.

Your most critical role in this process is to show that you value this activity enough to monitor it. You will need to model through the questions you ask how you expect staff to use the data. For example, asking the following questions will help teams understand better what you want them to look for.

  • How can a student demonstrate for you they are proficient on an indicator?
  • What percent of your students improved on the indicators assessed by the scored assessment?
  • What did an examination of student work tell you about what students still need to learn?
  • What strategies did you use to help students improve their performance?
  • What are you planning to do for the students who are not improving?
  • What data do you have to help you identify their area of difficulty?
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