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MDK12 has developed a Core Learning Goal Toolkit designed to help teachers better understand the content standards and how to teach them. Some of these resources might be useful to students as well. Students who are working with a tutor or mentor should make sure they know these resources are available.

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Cost of Living Game

Students may also enjoy playing the "Cost of Living" game created to help students see the connection between getting a good education and the future lifestyle they would like to have.


Cost of Living

Practice Taking HSA

Determine areas of potential need by trying these mini-assessments. The test items are from actual assessments that have been released to the public as examples of how content has been tested on the high school assessments.

Government Structure, Functions, and Principles 2013090807060504
Protecting Rights and Maintaining Order 2013090807060504
Systems of Government and U.S. Foreign Policy 2013090807060504
Impact of Geography on Governmental Policy 2013090807060504
Economic Principles, Institutions and Processes 2013090807060504
Skills and Processes 20090807060504
Biological Molecules 20090807060504
Cells and Organisms 20090807060504
Inheritance of Traits 20090807060504
Evolutionary Change 20090807060504
Interdependence of Organisms 20090807060504
Writing: Composing & Language Usage & Conventions A 200908070605
Writing: Composing & Language Usage & Conventions B 200908070605
Reading & Literature A 200908070605
Reading & Literature B 200908070605
Algebra/Data Analysis
Analyzing Patterns and Functions 20090807060504
Modeling Real-World Situations 20090807060504
Collecting, Organizing and Analyzing Data 20090807060504
Using Data to Make Predictions 20090807060504