School Improvement in Maryland

What Do Teachers Need To Know?

Teaching Maryland Standards

Understanding State Assessments

  • How does Maryland assess student learning? • MSAHSA
  • What do the assessments test? • MSAHSAMod-HSA
  • What do the assessments look like? • MSAHSA
  • How are the assessments scored? • MSAHSA

Analyzing Data Results

Teacher Resources

Websites with useful teaching and learning resources.

Item of the Week

Every week you'll find new sample questions to test your child’s readiness for the Maryland assessments.

Data Explorer

Use these multi-media tutorials to better understand your accountability data.

How MSDE Calculates Graduation Rate

How Dropout Rates are Calculated


Access more than 2300 Lesson Plans, Prerequisite Skills, Public Release Items to support classroom instruction.

Core Learning Goals Toolkit



Algebra/Data Analysis



“I intend to work closely with educators and parents to make certain our next generation is ready for the world that awaits.”

—Lillian M. Lowery
Maryland State Superintendent